You could save

$32,000 CAD

by selling on OpenHaus

Your property's value: $800,000 CAD

This is calculated based on the typical realtor commissions in British Columbia.


It's really free.

Our mission at OpenHaus is aligned with our core values - honesty and transparency. Our platform is 100% free to use - we only take a commission from our partners if you purchase additional services. We strive to eliminate intermediaries, empowering buyers and sellers to take control of their assets and maximize their financial returns.

Sell your home in 6 easy steps:

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Find the Right Price Tag

The BC Assessment website should be your starting point - search your address and determine an approximate price for your property. You may want to dig deeper - maybe you made some renovations that are not accounted for in this estimate, or perhaps your property stands out from the others in some type of way. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide on the price tag that you feel is fair - nobody should force you to sell for lower than you think!

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List your Home on OpenHaus

Once you have signed up on OpenHaus, click the “Post Listing” button and input some information about your property. You can save your listing as a draft and return to it later. When it’s time to upload photos, you can purchase any of our professional media packages, and we will be in touch to coordinate your place’s photoshoot. Our media partners are the top-rated professionals in the area and have extensive expertise in how to shine a light on the best features your home has to offer to make it appealing to potential buyers.

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Increase Exposure Through MLS

Once your listing is live, you can exponentially increase your home’s exposure by purchasing our MLS Listing package. This allows your listing to be visible on popular websites like,, Zillow, etc. It will also be shown to the entire network of realtors in Canada. Whenever someone inquires, we will direct them to your listing on OpenHaus where they will be able to schedule viewing appointments.

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Managing Inquiries and Showings

Our platform makes scheduling private showings and open house events simple and efficient. Under “Manage Listings”, you can pick times that work for you to show your place (“Edit Schedule”), either privately (1-on-1) or in an open house setting (multiple people). Interested buyers will be able to request viewings during those times, and RSVP to your open houses.

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Negotiating Offers

When you receive offers on OpenHaus, you can easily negotiate, counter-offer and finalize your Purchase & Sale Agreement in the OfferFlow. Our platform includes key fields for duration, price, and contingencies. Once an agreement is reached, OpenHaus helps provide resources, such as finding a notary, to facilitate conveyancing and complete the transaction. Make sure you get a good lawyer for this process, it is important to cover all your legal bases.

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After The Sale

After completing the sale, ensure you transfer utilities out of your name and hand over all keys and essential information to the new owners. It's also advisable to keep copies of all sale-related documents for your records.