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OPENHAUS Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

OPENHAUS will protect your privacy and ensure that your visit to and use of OPENHAUS is secure. Questions or concerns about your privacy must be communicated to our customer service by email.

To maintain the security of your personal information we use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol with 2048-bit encryption strength to transmit sensitive information. We use the same technology in transmitting sensitive information by banks, governments, and commercial websites such as Amazon and eBay for instance. Once your information is collected it can be used to promote, suggest, offer and provide you with specific services or products existing or new, related to your activity on our website. Your data is only accessible to our authorized personnel only. We enforce our privacy policy with our employees very strictly.

We do not disclose your personal information to the authorities unless required by law, search warrant, subpoena, court order or fraud investigation. We can share your information with third parties only to provide more real estate-related services and information as explained above.

We only keep your updates and personal information that is necessary to access to the use of our website and services, including but not limited to, first and last name, email address, phone number, other payment processing information and document creation data. This information may be stored after you delete your account or we terminate our relationship to the use of our website under the Terms of our agreement.

When you prepare a document, such as an offer to purchase on our website, your information is strictly confidential and will only be used in this document and transmitted to the identified receiver or beneficiary or destination of this document. To change your email address and password, you need to do it on the website. We do not inform them over the phone.

We partner with third-party ad companies, to manage our own advertising. They and we use cookies and Web beacons to collect information about your activities on our and other websites to provide you with targeted advertising related to real estate. You will always be available to opt them out otherwise you will continue to receive the ads.

To improve our website, we may use recording services which may record how you use our site such as mouse clicks, mouse movements, and page scrolling, but your personal data such as text input will not be collected.